• la vie en reddd bati culottes
  • la vie en reddd batik culottes
  • la vie en reddd batik culottes
  • la vie en reddd bati culottes
  • la vie en reddd batik culottes
  • la vie en reddd batik culottes

La Vie en REDDD | Culottes


Life in Red, is a good, good life!

There is a red for everyone but I believe this shade of red IS for everyone.

Perfect for a night out, Chinese New Year, a wedding, or even a day at the beach!

American pronunciation - Koo laats


  • Broad legged
  • Length: 27 Inches | 68.5cm
  • fitted waistline (no elasticity)
  • two deep, deep pockets ( I went a bit over the top with the depth... 14 inches to be exact)
  • belt loops

In the pictures, I have paired the culottes with a Split Top.

BUT, its the new year and you need more clothes! haha, so complete the set with:

La Vie en REDDD | Split Top
La Vie en REDDD | Pleated Shorts
La Vie en REDDD | Crop & Regular
La Vie en REDDD | Culottes

For scale, I tower at 5 feet 2 inches (157cm)


What are culottes?
Culottes are knee-length trousers that are cut to very closely resemble a skirt... it is a very sneaky item haha.
You can look demure and do wide-legged squats, nothing more you can ask for, tbh.

How do you pronounce culottes?
I grew up learning British English in school but I also grew up watching American television on ntv7...So, take your pick!
British pronunciation - Kyoo lots (which is what I prefer actually hahah)
American pronunciation - Koo laats

Weight 0.25 kg

26 Inches, 26.5 Inches, 28 Inches, 28.5 Inches, 29 Inches, 30 Inches, 30.5 Inches, 32 Inches, 32.5 Inches

  • Colours may appear slightly different in reality due to studio lighting conditions, or variances in computer screen calibration.
  • Minor variations in measurement (within 1.5 centimetres) are not considered a defect.
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