Hi! My name is Pei Shern

My friends call me Pei.
I was a doctor but now I am not. Now, I am the proud owner and creator of betterthanblouses or "BTB".

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A bit about the brand

"Jack of all trades, master of none"
It was derived from the saying “Jack of all Trades, Master of none; is oftentimes better than Master of one”
I grew up only knowing the first part of that saying, like many of you, “Jack of All Trades Master of None”. It was used to describe me a lot. And although it was always meant as a compliment it always had the opposite effect on me. It made me feel inadequate, unfocused and average at everything.
And then I met my husband, who duly notified me of the second part of the saying.
I will be dramatic to say that it was a revelation. And somehow it suddenly felt that being a generalist was okay and that “Yeah, why can’t I just do what I like even if it is totally unrelated to anything I’ve done before? Chib*i, I can”.

Being a generalist means you try. You try and you expand and you grow. It is liberating and fulfilling. I am not saying that sticking to one thing alone is for losers. Haha. I am just saying that it isn’t the end of the world if you can’t commit to one thing only and that its okay if your interests’ wanes, its normal to feel dispassionate over things you’ve done for so long. So if you can (because some people aren’t privileged/fortunate enough and can’t) go ahead and do something you want to do. If it’s just about taking a calculated risk, do it. Obviously you’d need to be goal oriented and disciplined with interests that spans the seven seas.

And, so, my current project is betterthanblouses!

About the LOGO:

The elaborate frame represents the founders love for vintage items and the connection she has to her family
The lady flexing represents the founders love for flexing whenever in pretty clothes (and also strength and tenacity to keep doing and just do!)
The cat represents the founders love for animals and is a very literal picture of how her cats cannot leave her alone during product shoots

Some special thanks ... 

I would like to thank the following people whose support is why I CAN do jack-of-all-trades-things instead of jack-shit.

My husband for the second part of the saying, for the support and encouragement and the direction. Although I get pissed off with you for watching tv in the morning, you are the epitome of being self-employed. I know you love me very much and I love you too. Hahahahahha.

My Asian parents who didn’t care when I didn’t go the route they invested in, whose aesthetics I inherited, and whose calmness comforts. Mummwhitetop, I know I am difficult to work with, but you are very much appreciated and your taste is impeccable and I am so glad you are the brand’s ambassador. 

My in-laws for teaching me HOW TO SEW, for being there always with the bare necessities and for making my life so much easier. Honestly, selling out at that big event that made me half rich did not make me as happy as coming back to a clean house with happy cats.

My siblings, especially muimui, who say bad things about my copycats, for offering help and for standing in the gap ALL THE TIME. Thanks for being the breadwinner, the driver and the comedic relief.

Jono, my friend of almost 2 decades, thank you, thank you, thank you, for making this website a reality, for taking my pictures and for answering all my annoying howtodothisahohthebuttonisheresorry. And for marrying such a sweet person, Lou, who always makes BTBs look better than BTB and for just being of service. 

My other friends, that help buy me fabric, that cheer-lead, that help share the word. You all know la who you are. Hahaha. 

And of course, thank you my BTB fans, what will I be without you? I am just so happy you like and that you #buymyshizzz. I love you guys. 

BTW, I know I didn’t win the Oscar or anything. But this is an achievement for me ok. Leave me alone haha.

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