Pocahontas | Box Pleated Skirt


I remember when Pocahontas first came out. Eight year old me was preeeeeetty shocked she wasn't white- haha!
(Most Disney princesses prior to her were based on European folklore and fairy tales..so yeah, they were all caucasian)
I am glad, though, that "beauty" in a different variety was introduced to me at that age and that I didn't grow up with ONLY Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.
Because, for a long time during my paediatric years,  I used to think that noses had to be high and sharp before you were pretty.
The colours and patterns in this fabric reminds me of the scene where Pocahontas was singing "colours of the wind".
It was set in the evening, when the sun gives out that oozy orange glow,  and the breeze was in the leaves and trees. Such.a.mood.
And as is, Pocahontas is PERFECT for evening wear. 🙂

oh, and hell yeah, when MULAN came out 🙂 haha.
go down memory lane with me and watch this youtube link: https://youtu.be/O9MvdMqKvpU?si=7FWglmioh6B6Opqf

Product Details:
Broad A-line pleated skirt
Length: 26-27 Inches | 66-68.5cm
fitted waistline (no elasticity)
box pleats
two deep, deep pockets
belt loops
broad hemline- you can jump over a river and squat

Pairs with Pocahontas | Crop Top and Pocahontas | Split Top
If you would like to pair prints though, Red Pocahontas Skirt goes very well with Frodo Baggins!


Weight 0.25 kg

26 Inches, 28 Inches, 30 Inches, 32 Inches, 34 Inches


Blue, Red


Minor variations in measurements (within 1cm)  are not considered a defect

  • Colours may appear slightly different in reality due to studio lighting conditions, or variances in computer screen calibration.
  • Minor variations in measurement (within 1.5 centimetres) are not considered a defect.
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