Tartan Tent Dress

Tartan Tent Dress

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The Tartan arose in Scotland as a way of identifying which family you were from. So, if you were born a MacDonald, you would wear MacDonald colours… yellow and red (hahahaha.. this bit is untrue)

Takes a bold person to be able to pull this off but I am sure you can do it! 🙂

As there are so many combinations of colours on a tartan, I just cannot categorize under “colour”… I have thus chosen pretty, Scottish, female names to name these highlander dresses!

Currently only the “Aynsley”,Tartan Dress is available, but there will definitely be more to come.
Has 2 side pockets and a peekaboo side detail! 🙂

Chest: 96.5 cm | 38 inches
Arm Hole: 50.8 cm | 20 inches
Length: 106.7 cm | 42 inches


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