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There are small pieces of paper stuck on my top! What? Why? When? How?!

When I handpick the fabric for your BTBs there are sometimes pieces of paper stuck on the fabric (showing measurements of the fabric etc). 

These paper remnants are extremely easy to remove- just a quick wash. 

I try my best to make sure your BTB comes to you without this “issue” but just in case I miss a few, and I think i will, I am sorry! 

If you have this “problem” just wash the top and it will come off. You can also give it a little rub with some water!

Will the colour run ?

To avoid grief, assume that it will for the first few washes.

How do I care for my BTB?

Aside from lovingly handwashing in cold water, avoid hanging your BTB under direct sunlight (this would prevent the colour from fading).

Avoid ironing on high-heat IF you have purchased a polyester BTB.

How do I wash my BTB ?

Hand washing your BTB would be ideal if you want it to last forever.
But, if you’re like me then you’d chuck it in the washing machine (with a laundry bag if you want).
Cold water would be best, but hot water is fine if you rolled around in dirt, stylishly of course, in your BTB.

Wash with similar-coloured clothing. 

How long does it take for my shipment to arrive?

It sometimes depends on whether the Malaysian postal service is overwhelmed by sales by big companies. 

But, in general:

If you are within Peninsular Malaysia, 3-5 working days
If you live in Sabah/Sarawak, 5-7 working days
If you live outside of Malaysia, it takes anywhere from 4-11 working days from my home country to your home country. How long it takes to reach your doorstep depends on your county’s postal service.

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